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Brad Pitt and Robert Redford run around being really cool blowing things up, shooting people, bribing people, trading people...oh what fun they had! The best part of the whole thing is that it's mostly set in Arab Countries...perfect for making a quick buck off the 911 crashes, don't you think? All the Rambo crap just made me want to puke. Can we please have just a little realism here folks? When the dirty camel people shoot at the CIA agents with assault rifles, shouldn't at least one of the 1000 bullets hit the car? Hmmm?

This movie is full of flashbacks to 1975, where Robert doesn't look a day younger than he does now. Neither does Pitt either, really. They can use all the soft focus they want, but it's just not going to do it. For God's sake, have they ever heard of makeup? It's that funny looking shit that old people rub all over their face because they think it smells nice. When we are having a real flashback in a movie, couldn't we at least have a little makeup for Mr. Redford? News flash: He's 65. Sideburns just ain't gonna cut it! He wants to smell nice too!

You might be fooled into thinking that this is a love story between Brad and his little piece of ass, Catherine McCormack. But it is only a trick. This movie is really based on a gay love affair between Bradley and Robbie in 1975 Vietnam. After they took turns poking each other in the bush, they became "soulmates" and thus would do anything for each other -- that's the real point of this film. Listen to the rainbow, and it shall set you free.



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