"I pick up Beach girls from Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente and more. Watch how I do it. Join our site now and use the lines I use and you'll fuck hot chicks too." -The Pimp


Check out these interviews below. These girls are showing up for a "Swimsuit Modeling" interview. The guy eventually gets all of them to blow him. It's totally insane. This guy is making it look way too easy.

Sample Interview MPEG Movies:

"Our unique approach can't be compared. We film girls that we pick up in the local mall or girls that respond to calendar modeling ads in the paper. DON'T BE FOOLED! Everyone else talks to girls in advance and preps them on what to say. "Go ahead baby, act like a porn star...or sit back while we pretend that I exploit or violate you and I'll pay you after the shoot and you can pay rent..." Gee, what kind of fucking fun is that? We don't pull that garbage on customers and we don't treat chicks like shit. We film girls as they walk in to the office and let them know what kind of a calendar we really shoot. Most stay. Some don't and sometimes it gets ugly. And we have the rejection movies to prove it!"

"The Pimp only shoots movies of enthusiastic, beautiful California amateurs at and we're also broadband, AOL and WEB-TV compatible! You can download our MPEGs!"

More Sample MPEG Movies:

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